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Are you experiencing problems with your central heating system? Whether there’s a cold spot in your radiator or your system is making excessive noise, Smart Call Plumbing & Heating Ltd are here to help. We offer everything form powerflushing and radiator services to boiler repairs and installations.

Using Quality Products

No matter the problem you’re having, we have the skills and products to solve it. Adey's MagnaClean is installed in more than 3 million homes throughout Europe, helping to protect central heating systems and boilers against the damaging black sludge. The black sludge is formed after a natural build-up of iron oxide occurs.

As it can quickly impair the performance of your heating system and eventually cause the heating and hot water pipes to become restricted, it’s essential that it’s professionally dealt with. It’s important to have your units powerflushed to prevent costly breakdowns from happening.

Keep Your System Working

Have your heating system powerflushed, install a MagnaClean, and use Adey chemicals to protect your heating system. Not only will you notice a dramatic improvement in its efficiency, but the lifespan of your boiler will also be increased.

Without the black sludge in your system, hot water is able to circulate more efficiently and flow at a higher pressure. This means that as a homeowner, you won’t need to use as much energy to heat up your home. You may find that you’ll be able to save up to £66 on your central heating bills.

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