Heat Interface Units (HIU) Maintenance and Repair We Cover London & Essex

Smart Call Plumbing & Heating Ltd  offers a repair,Installation and maintenance service across London and Essex for all  heat interface units (sometimes referred to thermal interface units) we specialise in the Pegler Meibes range of HIU's 

After Care Service

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Here at Smart Call Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we advise that you have your HIU checked and tested on a regular basis. This will help to prevent any inconvenience or breakdowns and keep your Heat Interface Unit in tip-top working condition. 

We specialise in the Flamco Meibes range of  Heat Interface Units and carry the HIU spare parts on our van .We also  supply and Install Replacement  HIU Units  please contact us for more information.

If your HIU is linked into an unvented hot water cylinder system, then we will service and carry out safety checks on the unvented cylinder at the same time. 

For HIU (Heating Interface Unit) repair, service and replacment units,simply call or visit us to book your appointment.

You may also like to know that we repair and service all other makes of HIU's.

Heat Interface Installation and after Care Service

Customer Service

Smart Call Plumbing and Heating Ltd are an approved Installation and service Agent for Flamco, we offer free quotations for all Heat Interface Unit installation inquiries. If required, we can also provide a network design consultation to ensure your new Heat Interface Unit will be suitable and compatible within your current network system (sometimes known as communal or district heating system).

Service Guarantee

Here at Smart Call we offer a service care guarantee with all our Flamco Heat Interface Units (HIU) Installations.

Flamco Hiu’s combine high quality components and reliability to deliver piece of mind, which prevents expensive call backs, worry and
unnecessary aggravation and wasted time.

All Flamco Heat Interface Units come with a 2-year parts & labour guarantee, in the unlikely event a component should fail we will
replace them free of charge. We also offer an After Care service for out of Warranty Units,please contact us for more Information.

Here is a little bit more Information for you about your HIU and the benifits you can receive.

Heat Interface Units (HIUs) are an ideal solution for use in multi-occupancy dwelling  such as flats and apartment blocks. Buildings  such as these lend themselves well to the concept of communal heating ,(also known as District Heating) They often have a single central plant room supplying the entire building with fuel for heating and Hot water, this can be a great strategy for saving the occupant’s energy and of course money on there running costs. 

The principle is that each occupier contributes financially to a share of one large heat source that runs  very efficiently, rather than each property having separate smaller heat sources that could run less efficiently. 

HIUs are a key component in this type of communal heating system, They fulfill the same function as a gas boiler in a property. Each home or apartment has its own HIU installed, which uses hot water piped from the  network to provide an efficient heating and domestic hot water supply.This replaces the requirements for individual boilers in each property. for the occupier its just like having a boiler as normal but without the flame or the need to run a flue through your Property,this also supports the flue in void regulation.

HIUs take up very little space, the  pipework is easy to install and often only a programmable room thermostat or simular is required to complete the system, HIUs also work well with wet underfloor heating (UFH) systems which are now becoming very popular.

In rented flats and apartments landlords and housing associations can benefit from HIUs  as the removal of gas supplies (and gas appliances) will assist with health and safety laws, eliminating the need for individual gas safety checks in each property and also removing any worries about Carbon Monoxide emissions, thus keeping there residence in a safer environment.

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