Electric Boiler and Heat Interface Unit Installations

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  Electric boilers 2 year warranty

  Hot Water Cylinder 25 Year Warranty

  Programmers 5 year warranty

  Thermostats 5 year Warranty

As an EHC -registered and Accredited Heating Contractor, and Gas Safe Registered Company with our 25 years of experience within the domestic heating Industry, we’re able to carry out the installation of Electric Boilers and Unvented cylinders supplied from the Electric Heating Company. Electric boilers are a great replacement If you are having problems with the positioning of an existing gas boiler and flue, or you require to remove your existing Gas Boiler due to age or regulations and would like to replace with a new boiler. please contact us for a free quotation and consultaion.

Our electric boilers come with extensive manufacture warranties

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 Boiler Replacement

From boiler swaps and upgrades to central heating upgrades and repairs, we are your first port of call. We are proud to offer such an extensive array of services that can be tailored to meet your needs


Central Heating System Care

Prolong the life and efficiency of your boiler and central heating systems by having it cleaned and treated by our team.

Keep your new  boiler running smoothly with our powerflushing services. We’ll remove sludge and grime that may have built up over time to ensure that your system is working as it should be. All manufacturers recommend that your heating system is cleaned when you have a new boiler installed.

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“I was delighted with them. I found them extremely efficient and extremely competent. I highly recommend them.”


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" First time I've ever been completely happy with a job - could not fault anything at all. Would definitely use again.”